Austin Reaves and Dennis Schröder taunt the Grizzlies.

The Lakers' first-round playoff elimination of the Grizzlies occurred more than three months ago.

In that period, a great deal has happened for the Lakers and the NBA as a whole.

All of that is not deterring the Lakers from harassing Memphis.

The Lakers were the ones who walked the walk after the Grizzlies talked the talk and humiliatingly sent them home with a 40-point drubbing.

They also made sure that everyone would remember it.

The Grizzlies stopped playing when LeBron James posted an Instagram message critical of Dillon Brooks.

But the Lakers aren't going away quietly, and they've been reminding the Grizzlies of their defeat all summer long.

Austin Reaves was recently questioned about who in the league says the most trash during a segment on the Full Send Podcast.


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