Beyoncé's Crystal-Clad Nude Jumpsuit in Atlanta

As part of her Renaissance tour, Beyoncé stopped in Atlanta on Saturday night.

For the "CUFF IT" portion of the act, she stepped out in a crystal-encrusted nude bodysuit.

The performer posted a few images and videos of the stunning costume to Instagram so that fans could see it in action.

The shimmering design was wrapping itself around her bust, down her arms, and up her thighs in spiral patterns. A dazzling collar framed the neckline.

The bodysuit's legs smoothly transitioned into silver-stemmed heels. The pattern on the suit's back was more visible when viewed from the back.

Beyoncé may be seen in numerous photos sporting cat-eye sunglasses with sparkly frames, while in another she is donning a black hat with a large brim.

She had beautiful blonde waves in her hair down. The celebrity makes a number of more stops after Atlanta, starting in Tampa Bay.

In Kansas City, the last concert is slated for October. She began in Stockholm in May and finished her European tour in the early summer.


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