CEO built $96 million company with 2-word lesson: This is 'the most powerful thing you can do'

As a 22-year-old intern, Jennifer Hyman claims to have acquired one of the most crucial lessons of her professional life.

At a recent Stanford Graduate School of Business event, the CEO of Rent the Runway.

Which has a market cap of $95.93 million as of Wednesday morning, gave students some simple advice: "Be likable."

Hyman developed the concept of honeymoon registries while working as an intern at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, where guests could make donations to couples' post-wedding luxury holidays.

It was difficult to convince the company's president to support her plan, though he didn't reject it outright and didn't instantly provide her with the funding to do so either.

Instead, Hyman had to convince her coworkers to assist her in creating a website, a booking system, and effectively a new company.

She asserted that in order to win over her coworkers, she needed to be likeable in addition to having strong ideas.

Hyman, 42, said, "I had to persuade hundreds of people in various sectors all across the world to support me.


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