"Doctor Strange 2" Tops $800 Million, "Everything, Everywhere" Sets A24 Record

The third domestic weekend of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Marvel and Walt Disney brought in an additional $31.6 million (a reduction of 50%), bringing the film's 17-day total to $342.1 million.

That puts it above a flood of recently released blockbuster superhero movies, such as Thor: Ragnarök ($315 million), Iron Man ($318 million), Deadpool 2 ($324 million), Guardians of the Galaxy ($333 million), Aquaman ($334 million), Joker ($335 million), and Spider-Man 3 ($336 million), when adjusted for inflation.

Even with Disney+ Premiere Access availability, it will still wind up being the least leggy MCU film ever, trailing only Captain America: Civil War ($408 million from a $179 million start) and Black Widow ($183 million/$80 million).

However, I'd largely attribute that to the avalanche of viewers that came on opening weekend anticipating a mythology episode.

In the first three days, you had the "got to see the big event flick" crowd, and now you're just dealing with customers who were content with a Captain America 3 or a Doctor Strange 2.

Some of the frustration stems from Marvel and Disney marketing Sam Raimi's standalone, straightforward sequel as a major MCU event. T

he domestic total will increase by 72% from Doctor Strange ($232 million) and will either exceed or fall short of $400 million (depending on how much of a boost it receives over Memorial Day weekend).

It will surpass the $390 million total of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as well. Yes, it will probably surpass The Batman ($370 million) the following weekend to become the largest domestic earner in 2022.


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