"It's Insulting." "Far More" was Johnny Depp's response when he denied spending $2 million on wine and other stuff each month.

According to reports, Hollywood legend Johnny Depp previously got into difficulties because of his extravagant lifestyle, which resulted in millions of dollars in damages. Continue reading!

Recently, it was made public that Hollywood star Johnny Depp took out a massive $10 million loan to keep his opulent mansions.

This brings to mind the period when the actor's high monthly expenses became known.

Depp had a knack for lavish living, spending thousands of dollars on wines and blowing his hard-earned cash on private jets. To read the information, scroll down.

Regarding his professional endeavors, Johnny Depp most recently appeared in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival screening of the film Jeanne du Barry.

The actor most recently made headlines after his show was postponed because he was allegedly discovered unconscious in his hotel room.

Rewinding to Johnny Depp's lavish lifestyle, CNBC reports that in 2017, the actor was engaged in a legal dispute with The Management Group (TMG), which serves as his management business.

Depp, who earned $48 million in 2016, spent a significant portion on his opulent lifestyle. The Hollywood star reportedly spent up to $2 million per month.


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