Keanu Reeves, 58, Hated Going Shirtless in John Wick 4 Co-star's Movie.

Fans can't stop gushing about Keanu Reeves, one of the nicest Hollywood heartthrobs.

He constantly makes sure to give it his all to achieve perfection, whether it is through his intense acting technique or captivating action sequences.

He is in charge of The Matrix and John Wick, two of the most well-known action franchises, in part because of this.

The actor removed his shirt during one of the sequences, which is undoubtedly a feast for fans' eyes, but he didn't appear to appreciate it too much.

He was questioned by the interviewer during a movie promotion:

He retorted that he worked out to prepare for his scene, which he thought of as a commitment. He wasn't really enthusiastic about it though.

Despite their best efforts, 47 Ronin received harsh criticism from critics and ultimately made $151 million, making it one of the all-time box office flops.

In an interview with Extra, he referred to the Mission: Impossible 7 actor as having a "amazing" personality and inquired as to whether he would ever want to appear on screen beside him.


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