Kraven Actor Talks Spider-Man Villain Training & Weight Gain

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who portrays Kraven the Hunter as the villainous Spider-Man, underwent a rigorous workout regimen and weight increase to become Kraven.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the star of Kraven the Hunter, discusses the rigorous training and weight gain he underwent to take on the role of the Spider-Man villain.

Taylor-Johnson is no stranger to the world of superhero movies; the actor originally rose to fame for his roles as the hero in both.

Of the Kick-Ass films and for his brief appearance as Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Taylor-Johnson, though, had to undergo a training regimen unlike anything he had ever done before in order to return to the superhero game for Sony's Kraven the Hunter.

Taylor-Johnson discussed his rigorous preparation for Kraven the Hunter with Esquire.

The actor, who was 200 pounds in his peak form to play Kraven, reportedly trained intensely for months because he understood how crucial his stomach and arms were to the role.

Taylor-Johnson also acquired the ability to move like a quadruped to play Kraven, a character with animal abilities in the movie.


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