Packers Fans Praise Jordan Love, Former Teammate Calls Aaron Rodgers "Slow"

When David Bakhtiari commended Jordan Love in a recent interview with ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Green Bay Packers supporters responded negatively.

To his nasty joke about quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers was described by Bakhtiari as "slow has s—."

The two formerly close friends and teammates have been mentioned as potential teammates once more.

To help keep Rodgers on the sidelines at the end of the season, according to Mike Greenberg of ESPN, the New York Jets should try to trade for Bakhtiari.

There have been rumors that Bakhtiari and the Packers could part ways this year.

After Rodgers was traded, the coaching staff was questioned about whether their star left tackle would give this season his all.

Luke Butkus, the offensive line coach, chose not to respond positively to the question; Bakhtiari was left to provide his opinion.

On the field, Bakhtiari's response has been mediocre. This year, Bakhtiari's practice schedule has been termed as "fluid" by head coach Matt LaFleur.


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