Paramount+: The new US number-one sci-fi film with Hailee Steinfeld.

– Hailee Steinfeld: Rising star, known for Oscar nomination, movies like "The Edge of Seventeen" and "Pitch Perfect" trilogy.

– TV Success: Lead in AppleTV+ drama "Dickinson" as Emily Dickinson, and Kate Bishop in MCU's "Hawkeye" miniseries.

– Voice Acting: Voiced Gwen Stacy in "Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse" sequel.

– Paramount+ Ranking: Her new title tops Paramount+ in the US this week.

– Diverse Roles: From films to TV and voice acting, Steinfeld showcases versatility.

– Recognized Talent: At 26, she's acclaimed for her performances and range.

– MCU Role: Gained attention as Kate Bishop, adding to her impressive resume.

– Entertainment Impact: Hailee Steinfeld's presence contributes to her project's success.


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