Patrick Mahomes on growing QB wages and $45,000,000: "It's about finding balance"

Few people anticipated that there wouldn't be any discussion of a new contract for over ten years when Patrick Mahomes signed his most lucrative contract extension, at $450 million, in 2020.

However, some believe the "measly" ten-year contract appears weak after the team won another Super Bowl.

According to NFL source Peter King, the Chiefs quarterback expressed interest in signing a new contract on 'NFL on NBC':

According to the way he phrased it, he seems to be acknowledging that he will sometimes take the team to task and other times will cut them some leeway.

It suggests he can assess the team's existing roster composition and future plans.

With other players signing massive contracts since Patrick Mahomes' deal, how much money is.

He currently making and how does that stack up against the rest of the league? A few metrics have a role in this.

Fans are curious as to whether or not Strange could get one more solo outing before stepping up to the plate and taking on the incoming Council of Kangs as we move through the Multiverse Saga and on.


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