Saudi Arabia may offer Lionel Messi $400M per year.

According to the Telegraph, the Saudi Arabian government is getting ready to offer $400 million a year to soccer ace Lionel Messi in exchange for his services in the Saudi Professional League.

It would beat the previous record, which Cristiano Ronaldo established earlier this year when he signed.

With Saudi club Al Nassr for roughly $210 million per year, as the highest annual wage ever paid to a player in the history of sports.

With the Saudi government, which wants to host the 2030 World Cup, Messi already has a multi-million dollar arrangement to promote travel there.

Messi's speculated transfer to the premier soccer league in Saudi Arabia comes as his current club Paris Saint-Germain has punished him for two weeks for traveling to Saudi Arabia without permission.

Ahmed Al Khateeb, the Saudi tourism minister, tweeted on Monday, "I am happy to welcome Messi and his family to Saudi to enjoy the magical tourist destinations and authentic experiences."

"We warmly invite guests from all over the world to enjoy a distinctive visit to Saudi Arabia and its hospitality."

There was no transfer price for Messi, unlike Neymar, who PSG had to pay 222 million euros (then 261 million USD) to get from Barcelona in 2017.


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