That He will shield and protectShelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce writes her six-year-old son a heartwarming birthday note.

For her son Zyon Pryce's sixth birthday, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce posted a heartwarming message on Instagram.

In addition, the Jamaican athlete posted a number of gorgeous images and videos of her son.

Fraser-Pryce gave birth to Zyon in 2017 and abstained from competition all year.

Since her comeback in May 2018, she has been engaging in the best competition.

On the occasion of Zyon's birthday, his mother, Fraser-Pryce, posted a touching message on her Instagram account that read:

The post also contained photographs of Zyon and Fraser-Pryce smiling while gazing into the camera.

It was seen that Fraser-Pryce was instructing her son in the sport of track and field in one of the videos.

In another video, his mother can be seen clapping and shouting for him as he competes in a go-kart race.


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