The horoscopes for three zodiac signs on August 10, 2023 were rough.

On August 10, we overthink everything. That makes us snap over unconsidered issues.

If someone says something we don't understand but sounds insulting, we quickly figure it out.

On August 10, 2023, Moon square Mars makes you see everything "through a glass darkly,"


even if you realize this is a dangerous habit. You'll get attention for making someone feel awful for saying whatever irritates you,

You realize you're purposely misinterpreting the messages you think your friends are sending you,


but you do it nevertheless. Today, August 10, 2023, you seem to be looking for an excuse to feel sorry for yourself,

On August 10, 2023, during the severe transit of Moon square Mars, you will make sure nobody says anything kind to you.


That suggests you'll deliberately manipulate people's words today.


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