The Three-Episode Mini-Series John Wick Has 90-Minute, $20 Million Episodes.

The Continental, the planned John Wick TV series, has a director now, and we now know more about the budget and format to anticipate.

In other words, the series has been reduced to a limited three-episode runtime series rather than a full show.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that The Book of Eli filmmaker Albert Hughes will helm two of the three episodes of the "event" series.

According to THR, each episode will last approximately 90 minutes and have a $20 million or higher budget.

Episodes 1 and 3 will be directed by Hughes, and all three episodes will be produced by him. The identity of the second chapter's director is as of yet unknown.

Derek Kolstad (Nobody), the original screenwriter for John Wick, is returning to serve as an executive producer on The Continental, while Chad Stahelski, the film's director, has also joined the team.

Keanu Reeves himself is reportedly "in talks" to serve as an executive producer, along with David Leitch, who has been associated with the John Wick series from the outset.

The Continental is set 40 years before the main John Wick series' events. Young Winston, who is portrayed by Ian McShane in the film series, is the main character.


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