Vikings Insider Questions $19 Million Star's Absence

T.J. Hockenson, a tight end for the Minnesota Vikings, stated on Monday that an ear infection had affected his balance and prevented him from playing during training camp.

However, an insider thinks there may have been another reason for his absence.

Hockenson has been golfing while out of training camp, according to KSTP's Darren Wolfson on Tuesday, August 15.

This indicates a potential hold-in scenario as Hockenson enters the final year of his contract and is pursuing an extension.

There is a contract-related issue going on there. Because the two sides have been conversing," Wolfson stated in a "Mackey and Judd" broadcast on SKOR North.

"Maybe at this stage — and this is me going down the wild conjecture path rather than informed knowledge.

But is it conceivable that T.J. anticipated the deal would be done by now and is reluctant to participate in all these drills with the out being, 'OK my equilibrium, I'm a bit thrown off.

Wolfson said, "Yeah, I can do some things, but I just can't do them all. "I've had my tentacles out. There's something going on there in terms of contracts.


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