Where To Find The Mushrooms For Omeluum in Baldur's Gate 3

The parasitic Ilithid that is wiggling around in your head is the main issue that

Needs to be resolved in Baldur's Gate 3. You'll encounter a variety of.

Folks that make claims about being able to heal you, or at least make an effort.

It's risky to play with your eyes and brain.

Omeluum needs Underdark components. The Underdark has Timmask and Tongue of Madness plants. They're rare and scarce due to their dark growth.

Tongue of Madness Location

Timmask plants, like Tongue of Madness, are found throughout the Underdark, but the Arcane Tower holds numerous pieces of Timmask Spore. Clearly, a potions-making spellcaster owned the Arcane Tower.

Timmask Spores Location

When you return with all the components to Omeluum, he will create a delicious beverage for you to consume.

How Does Omeluum's Potion Affect You?

The concoction will weaken the parasite's defenses, allowing Omeluum to penetrate your brain psychically and take control of the worm.


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